I am currently a research associate at the Engineering Design Centre (EDC), Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge. I am working on the EPSRC-funded IdEAS project, which aims at developing a framework of design principles relating attributes of system architecture to attributes of their behaviour. 

More broadly, my research interests lie in Complex Systems Science and the methods used to study and engineer complex systems (e.g. self-organising robotic systems). The main contribution of my PhD thesis was the formalisation of multi-level behaviours in agent-based simulations so that multi-level and inter-level hypotheses about emergent behaviours could be specified and computationally tested. Currently, I am interested in applying techniques from both traditional statistics and statistical physics to formally characterise different behaviour classes in agent-based simulations.  

My other research interests and collaborations include Cognitive Science, Social Psychology, Econophysics, Behavioural Finance, Systems Biology, and the Epistemology of Complexity Science.

The easiest way to get in touch with me is by e-mail: c.chen[at]abmcet.net.


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